The library is the nerve centre of any educational institutions and considered as part and parcel of the academic set up. It is created and maintained to serve and support the educational activities of the school. The real purpose of the books is to train the mind into doing its own thinking. The schools have a library period in their time table for all classes and students come to the library during this period to get the books issued/returned. The library is fully automated . More than 5100 books are available in the library. Forteen magazines and five newspapers are subscribed. Competition, Educational magazines and many more magazines are subscribed for the students according to their level. The library is air conditioned and the sitting arrangement is also well furnished with comfortable chairs. More than 40 students can be easily adjusted in the library. The main purpose of the library is:

  • To provide the students with appropriate library material for the overall growth and development.
  • To develop reading ability and interest and inculculate love, enjoyment and pleasure of reading amongst the students.
  • To assist the students to become skillful and discriminating users of library.
  • To support all the students in library and practicing skills for evaluation and using information.
  • To stimulate and guide each student in the selection and use of books and other reading materials for the building of taste at appropriate level of maturity.

 Library Facilities:

(i)   Size of the Library in sq. feet                              :  59.5 X 26 sq feet

(ii)  No. of Newspapers                                             :  05

(iii) No. of  Book                                                        :  3548                     

(iv)  No. of Magazines                                               :  14   

(v) Others                                                               :  1600                                                   



The child should be ward of Army Personnel and minimum of 5 years for admission in First Class.