Science Park

Science Park is an innovative idea of teaching Science in an informal way. It is nothing but the cluster of open science gadgets all meant for play way learning of science. The basic idea of Science Parks lies with the tendency of children to play more than to study. A Science Park with lush green surrounding in school facilities the children to mingle with the science. The concept of LEARNING BY DOING is an age old concept, now it is being pursued vigorously by everyone. Scientist and Psychiatrists insisting the playway method of learning. Teachers and educationist are trying hard to develop such playway methods of easy learning and to understand the difficult principles of Science. In the Science Park, difficult principles of science are explained and demonstrated with the help of colorful models. It is now possible for the children to see and get a feel of how actually some basic concepts work, so enabling them a cleaner understanding and inculcating a scientific temper amongst them. All the learning in Science Park is through fun, thus leaving a lasting impact. Thus a Science Park helps ‘Learning by Doing’.


The child should be ward of Army Personnel and minimum of 5 years for admission in First Class.