Maths Lab

Mathematics has always occupied an important place in the school curriculum.  The study of mathematics requires specific ability of intelligence. There is hardly any subject in which mathematics has no role to play. Mathematics is considered as a difficult subject. A phobia has been created in the mind of children that mathematics is tough to learn. As a result, most of students are not taking interest and it has become the main cause of student’s failure in mathematics. Mathematics is a subject which requires single-minded concentration. A student who can concentrate can learn well. It is necessary to motivate the students by arousing and maintaining their interesting mathematics.

A mathematical laboratory can foster mathematics awareness and positive attitude. Here learning by doing experience in different branches of mathematics such as Algebra, Geometry, Menstruation, Trigonometry, Calculus, Coordinate Geometry etc. It is the place where students can learn certain concepts by using concrete objects and verify many mathematical objects. It is also help the instructor to explain and demonstrate many concepts and facts by using model and charts. It is a place where teachers and students can perform activities conveniently. Students can be encouraged to perform models and charts using thermacol, cardboard etc.



The child should be ward of Army Personnel and minimum of 5 years for admission in First Class.