Army Public School Abohar


Respected principal sir,teachers and staff. I am an ex-student of your great school. Because of the way my teachers taught me and helped me in all my problems, I have got admission in convent of Jesus and Mary . It is one of the best schools in Ambala Canntt. At last would like to thank all my teachers showed me the right way.
Vyomica Dev

I have just left the school as my father's posting to ambala.
I am missing the great school,well educated teachers,helpful friends.It is the best school in Abohar.
Vyomica Dev

Respected Principal sir
Respected All My Teachers And Staff
my self shubham tiwari ex-Aps Abhoar Student,get selected in Amity Indian Military College...i am informing because there were so many blessing from you al teachers..specially my principal sir and Harvinder madam.....WIth all your blessings i achieved half of my dream.....and by qualifying Interview Rounds i have unlocked the door of thanks for all your wishes ...from all that wishes n blessings only i achieved lot many things in my life...once again thanxx a lot teachers...
Shubham Tiwari
Shubham Tiwari

Army Public School is not just a school,its been always more than that,its a family.I am a member of this family and I know what it means it to be a part of it.It is a institution with distinction,it not only provide you education but a lifestyle where the most important things are Discipline, Punctuality and Turnout.
Every minute spent at APS is memorable and every single thing learnt is settled deep.
I have always adored values,teachings of faculty of this institution.They really put in so much effort to make us a good citizens.
I sincerely thank everyone for making me.
-Anubhav Tiwari 2006-08
Anubhav Tiwari

army school -The student who study in army school is very lucky they got lots of opportunites and dicipline of school makes the transformation from man into gentleman. I m proud to be student of aps abohar .
Shubham Tiwari

The Value of army School is lot in india. for ex-when we go on competative jobs interview and when we give our intrduction at that time we tell them about our school and all at that time the interviewing officers also impressed by the candidate because dicipline of army school Changes man into gentleman .which i have seen in my life ... I Cant forget my school life in aps Abohar .that all was very awesome and i e
Shubham tiwari

This is very Awesome school ..and i have seen this type of teachers 1st time in life who were very linient to students..They all were caring teachers and i really miss my all teacher and principal sir who always guide us and give us a Positively thinking Edu... His speeches i cant forget in my life and i m sure i will be goona one day become Air FOrce Pilot .
Shubham Tiwari

army school is a very nice school. I am loving it.
neha goyal

It's a great honour for me to be a student of APS Abohar.
Farrhat Sandhu

Army school is the best school in Abohar
Manjot Singh Saini


APS is very good school
Manoj Kumar