School Houses

Co-curricular activities are part & parcel of our institution with its aim of developing a child into full fledged personality. With the aim of instilling the values of healthy and sound competitive feelings, the students have been divided into four Houses namely Ashoka, Pratap, Ranjeet and Shivaji. By assigning a house to each student, we imbibe the characteristic of belongingness in them, which further develops the sense of pride, honour and respect for one’s own country. Students are given a chance to develop their latent talent throughout the session by organizing various competitions among them. Each house has a teacher In-charge and assistant teachers to guide students for various Inter House Competitions.



House Incharge



Mrs Rajni Singh

Mrs Priyanka, Mrs Sonia


Mrs Vinod

Mr Deepak Kumar, Ms Nidhi babbar


Mrs Poonam Malhotra

Ms Poonam Rani, Ms Sakshi Juneja


Mrs Parminder Kaur

Ms Garima, Ms Sukhmanpreet Kaur