History of Army Public School Abohar

Admission Procedure

The School admits boys & girls between the age of 5 & 14 irrespective of rank, Creed or Socio- economic status of their parents. Admission to a class is based on child’s performance in the entrance examination.

Admission Period



For Army Wards it is open for whole Session whereas  for Civilian April only.


Payments of Fees

Notes: - 

Fee hike for class  I to  V  Officer  Rs 299.00, JCOs Rs 1551.00 & ORs Rs 2966.00 Civilian Rs 216.00

Fee hike for class  VI to  VIII  Officer  Rs 371.00, JCOs Rs 862.00 & ORs Rs 1848.00 Civilian Rs 179.00

Fee hike for class  IX to X  Officer Rs 160.00, JCOs Rs 180.00 & ORs Rs 132.00 Civilian Rs 79.00


1.     Fee will be paid through online only, Not by cash/cheques.

2.     If fee are not paid by due date, late fee will be charged as under:

 (a)   Upto 20th of the current month                       -   Rs 100/-

 (b)   Upto 1 month                                                  -   Rs 200/-

 (c)   Upto 2 months                                                -   Rs 400/-

 (d)  Upto 3 months                                                 -   Rs 750/-



If fees and fine are not paid for more than three consecutive months, the name of the student will be stuck off the rolls.